View Full Version : Voodoo 36"cayote rifle bag sale

08-09-2012, 4:13 PM
it's on sale in turner's just to let you guys know, $69.99. i think that's the cheapest i found so far, not sure if it's cheaper on gun shows.

08-10-2012, 5:23 PM
Thanks! I'll look into it, but I don't see it in their flyer, just a different make bag for that price.

08-10-2012, 5:54 PM
I called turners in orange. No sale on voodoo case.

08-12-2012, 4:39 PM
it was there last week, i paid 69.99 for 36" but only for cayote color. maybe you could ask them if they would still honor last week's price. i dont have the catalog anymore since i only looked online.