View Full Version : Stressing Safety

08-09-2012, 4:05 PM
Just my take on the best argument to defeat SB249... we need to stress the safety issue. If we argue the 2A violations, we can argue till we're blue in the face. Most Californians have little or no understanding of the US Constitution. Many believe it is outdated and or irrelevent in today's society. Worse, the gun grabbing politicians don't give a rip about the document they swore an oath to defend. To them, it's just something they are forced to give lip service to.
The welded magazine semi-automatic rifle could potentially be an accidental death waiting to happen. Someone is going to be unable to clear a double feed malfunction and attempt to seperate the upper from the lower while the action is HOT. Without the BB or the rifle being used as designed with the standard mag release, the rifle becomes a public hazard. I'm worried about the yahoo who thinks he knows better than the engineer who designed the weapon and making a stupid modification to comply with a stupid law.
I know what your thinking... do we really want to go there? Won't they just push for a total ban? Well, I say I hope they do. Because that's a battle they can't win Even in California, that dog won't hunt. So instead, their idea is to force a dangerous alteration. Most politicians and their flunkies are mouth brooders IMO.
I had lunch this afternoon with a friend who is mildly anti. He's one of those people who doesn't think you should own a black rifle, but doesn't want to make it illegal... he's kind of a fence sitter on the issue. Once I get him to the range and he shoots my M-forgery, I expect the sound of music from Heaven and the full conversion. Anyhoot, I explained fully the existing BB and my points on SB249 being a safety nightmare. Before our conversation he had no clue and by the end, he was asking how we could stop SB249. I told him to go on Calguns and sign the petition and or donate funds. He promised to do so.
Even if he doesn't do as he says, it's still a small victory for our side. I got him thinking and I used the safety issue to get him there.