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08-09-2012, 12:10 PM
Make: Smith & Wesson

Model: Customized M&P45 with thumb safety

Caliber: .45 ACP

Location (city or county): Sacramento, CA. I can do the PPT anywhere in the Sacramento area but River City is the most convenient.

Price: $700

Will ship (Y/N): Yes, if you pay shipping

I am selling a fairly new M&P45 with thumb safety that has been customized by Apex Tactical Specialities. I'm the only owner and I've shot 450 rounds through the pistol. If you can find them, they retail in the Sacramento area from $550 to $625ish. I feel that with the Forward Set Sear trigger kit, as described below, this M&P45 really shoots like a modern polymer 1911. It's a great shooter and I hate to see it go but I'm making room for a 9mm pistol. This would make a great carry/home defense gun.

The gun has Ameriglo night sights that originally cost $130. The front sight has a bright green tritium lamp surrounded by a bright orange outline and the rear sights have two yellow tritium lamps without an outline. This creates a very fast sight configuration as the orange outline draws your eyes towards the front sight. In darkness, the multicolored lamp configuration allows you to know exactly where your front sight and rear sights are.

The gun has a Forward Set Sear trigger kit from Apex Tactical. The gun was then sent to Apex Tactical to have the kit polished and inspected for proper function and reliability. From Apex Tactical Specialities' website:

Dropping this kit into your S&W M&P will set the trigger break point farther forward than the factory trigger assembly as well as reduce the uptake and over travel. It mimics the 1911 style trigger. The Forward Set Trigger is machined from aircraft grade aluminum and black hard anodized to last a lifetime...This kit comes complete with everything you need to upgrade your M&P to reduce pretravel, over travel and set the trigger pull to a smooth 4-5 lbs.

The Forward Set Sear trigger kit really gives this M&P45 a very amazing 1911 like trigger in a modern polymer handgun. Having the Forward Set Sear trigger kit installed by Apex Tactical would cost $245 plus shipping.

Additional Apex Modifications:
When I sent the gun to Apex they also test fired it to ensure proper function and polished where necessary for reliability.

Accessories Included:
I'll include four used magazines and can add two new magazines for an additional $30 per magazine. I'm including the plastic box it came in. The medium backstrap is installed currently on the gun and the small and large backstraps will be included.






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