View Full Version : **UPDATE post #1** Sigs that have fallen off the roster, my contact with Sig

08-08-2012, 7:29 AM
As most of you here know, we are a dealer who moves a lot of Sigs at very competitive pricing. I'm as discouraged by this error as anyone and I am working to find answers that I can then relate back to you as the end user. My Sig rep picked the perfect time to go on a couple weeks of vacation!!...lol

I called the factory to get some info on the models that have recently fallen off the roster and spoke to a very nice person there. He/she told me he/she was unsure how the error occurred and "upstairs" is well aware of the inadvertant error. They had absolutely no intentions of letting this happen and whoever is responsible for it is in BIG trouble at the factory.

Sig is making every effort to work with the CaDoJ and the AG's office to get the models returned to the roster. They have not yet been able to make that happen and the effort continues as we speak. As of this minute, he/she is unsure if they will be able to return the models to the roster but ensured me the company is working hard to get this resolved as soon as possible.

He/she was going to do some covert checking and see what details, if any, can be made available. They know there are a lot of pissed off dealers and customers and are working to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

My suggestion was they pay the ransom and he/she laughed and said they have considered that as well.

Please don't kill the messanger with this post as I am simply trying to keep you all informed of the progress.

***UPDATED INFO - 08-08-12/08:50pst......Just received a return phone call and was informed the guns will be returned to the roster WITHOUT the need for the LCI or mag disconnect safety!!! The CaDoJ/AG offices are making Sig jump through some hoops and they will need to get a couple things accomplished before they can be returned to the roster. The models removed from the roster will be returned to the roster no later than the 2nd week of September.

08-08-2012, 7:51 AM