View Full Version : Wts Rem 700 Short Action/bo 20 Moa Scope Base

06-11-2007, 10:48 AM
*SPF on Sniper's Hide*

I have For Sale:

A LNIB Remington LTR/700 Short Action in .308 with the Following Features:

1) Bolt Action Accurized/Lapped/Trued by TacticalRifles.net

2) Badger Ordnance M1913 20moa Canted Scope Base (P/N 306/06)

3) Badger Ordnance Bolt Knob Mod performed by GA Precision

4) GA Precision Bolt Stop Mod (see GA Precision Website, details)

This started life as an LTR but I had the above referenced custom mods performed prior to sending it to TacticalRifles.net for an M40A1 Build. I purchased the LTR off a SH Forum Member awhile ago (forgot who) and he was a Deputy Sheriff who had put less than 100-rounds downrange with the original Barrel. I did not shoot the LTR at all, I immediately had the modifications performed once I transferred the rifle to my name.

Some completely unforseen events have taken place in my life and I just cannot afford or justify completing my build at an additional $2,500+ out of my budget. Therefore, I am offering this Action/Scope Base for sale. All of the work performed can be confirmed with either George at GA Precision or David at TacticalRifles.net.

I will only ship this to an FFL which I will need a copy of. I can accomodate a local Private Party Transfer in the Southern California area as well (buyer to pay PPT Fees).

I would like to sell as a complete package at:

$450 SHIPPED, PayPal (no Fee) or Money Order/Cashiers Check

IM or Email me with any questions: stiibs@hotmail.com (this is my PayPal Address as well)

It's just grease in the photos as well as my last name in some type of grease marker left by TacticalRifles.net while my action was in queue.