View Full Version : Sold AR Pistol Upper, Beaumont

08-06-2012, 12:29 PM
I am looking to sell my AR pistol upper. I wanted an AR pistol for quite a while and after I got one I lost interest. I was having some trouble getting it to cycle regularly but I am pretty ignorant when it comes to most of this stuff. I had this put together by Riflegear and it has TROY VTAC TRX Viking Rail 7.2" and the NOVESKE "PIG" KX3 Flash Suppressor. I do not know the brand of the BCG or the barrel or the upper itself but I got it from another calgunner who is well respected. I am also including the original tube and spring as well as one of the GSE Pistol Buffer recoil kits. Someone with better knowledge of how this all works will likely get it running great. Asking $500 sold OBO for the set. FTF in the Inland Empire or I can mail it to you.

This is a short barrel, all NFA rules apply (don't buy this if you don't have a pistol lower to put it on and you do have a rifle lower to keep yourself out of trouble).

Please PM questions concerns, comments, etc. Forgive the oil on the upper, the GSE is supposed to be run very wet.