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08-04-2012, 6:05 PM


I mentioned in the Str8 Laced Gun Gear review of the Wrist Operator that I have a bad habit of starting a stage without enough rounds. This has cost me more points on more occasions than I would like to admit. To combat this many of us have become accustomed to keeping “pocket rounds”. Pocket rounds are simply rounds we put in our pocket. Before the start of a match we will drop a couple rounds into our pocket just in case.

Having extra rounds on you is only part of the equation. You want the ability to quickly retrieve them so you can get back to the task at hand especially if you encounter a magazine failure. Unfortunately getting into your pocket isn’t always as easy as it sounds. It can be difficult when shooting in traditional shooting positions, semi supported positions and even prone supported. While you’re flopping around digging into your pocket you are burning up your par time or losing an advantage during a weighted stage.