View Full Version : need someone with auto body experience

08-04-2012, 3:19 PM
Hey guys, I have a 2001 dodge ram quad cab that needs some minor body work, and also, will need a paint job in the very near future. I had to replace the doors, so I need someone to realign the doors correctly. I already have them on the truck, but they need a little finese to open and close correctly.
I cant afford to go to a good body shop, and Im certainly not going to let the jokers at one of those "economy" paint shops do the work..to many horror stories! Id rather give my hard earned money to a Calgunner that will do the job right!
If someones interested in doing this on the side, or if youre a bodyshop guy that wants to give a fellew Calgunner a deal, send me a pm..we can talk on the phone, you can come by and look at the truck, or I can send you some pics...
Im in the SF bay area, Livermore to be exact!!