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I have a few questions for you if you dont mind,
I have owed firearms my entire life and I am now considering purchasing my first AR style rifle although I have never handled or fired a AR style rifle before.
After a week of research I had narrowed it down to a Daniel Defense but after reading a bunch of posts on CalGuns I am now considering building my own with top tier, Noveske/Larue, parts.

Because I live in CA and cannot buy the actual AR that I would prefer I am still considering buying a Springfield Socom over spending money on an AR that isnt exactly what I want.

#1, Can I build a high-end AR rifle that is CA legal but can be easily altered to a 14.5" barrel, flash finder, detachable mag, and collapsable stock if I move out of CA?
#2, Should I stick with a "middle of the road" AR until I move out of CA and then purchase what I really want?
#3, If I do go with the upper high end ARs would it perform any better if it was completely built by the factory?

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I prefer plastic grips, and an A2 stock, but then again I was issued an M16A2 that is her sister... I wanted her twin.

The M4 style M&P was really impressive after lugging my heavy barreled 20" around for a bit. You can get an M&P for about 700 from what I was told by a coworker who recently got his. The 16" non-HBAR (heavy Barrel) with a collapsible stock are REALLY LIGHT, and great if you fear you might be lugging it around for miles.

It is all about what you want, but a 14" has to be welded compensator/flash-"hider" to be legal. You just have to have a bullet button if you want the flash-"HIDER", pistol-grip, and collapsible/foldable stock. Mags are considered fixed with a bullet button, as they require a tool (bullet) to remove decreasing rate of fire between mag-swaps...

If I were to just swap my lower (if I ever were to move to a free state), I could go full-auto... BCG, H-BAR, and all.

Rails make these too heavy for my tastes. Check the weight, and hold one of the M4, Vs. say a H-Bar with rails, and see what you prefer...

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Ask in the rifle forum, most people dont check in here. the experts will be there shortly to help you out if you ask in that forum

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You seem enthusiastic about the shooting sports.

I wouldn't mind an AR, most of my stuff is older. Hope to see you on the forums.

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Daniel Defense for the win. :cool:

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Welcome and I shall forewarn you of the Evil Black Rifle Disease. If it has the chance to take hold.... Its cure is out of reach! Enjoy!

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Get your basic ar 15 style firearm and then get an upper to switch to when you wish. Only takes 2 minutes max 5 if you use same bolt carrier group and charging handle. later on when you wants some horsepower for your ar get a 6.8 spc upper and you can shoot farther and hit harder and hunt our blacktail (smog) deer and hogs if you are so inclined. Same lower works for all. Also welcome to the forum someone here can help you with any questions that you have,

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Welcome aboard! Have a read into the Centerfire Rifles subforum. You'll be better served asking there since most folks don't look into the "New Here' area for Qs to A.