View Full Version : FS: R&D Precision Remington 700 PSS .223 custom

06-08-2007, 2:44 AM

I have a custom .223 rifle built on a Remington PSS.
The action was trued and blueprinted, the barrel was turned back and re-chambered, and the end was threaded for a brake.
It was installed into am HS Precision double adjustable stock- adjustable for LOP and cheek rest height.
The Bolt handle has been replaced with the awesome R&D unit, and the whole action/barrel was refinished in black moly coat.

This gun literally does not kick- it feels like a .22 air rifle- I think my lightweight 10-22 has more recoil! You can watch the bullet fly into the target!!

I was told this rifle shot 1/4MOA at 100 yards using handloads. I've done 1/2 MOA on a wobbly wood bench off the bipod using commercial (non match) ammo. I've only put about 75 rounds through this rifle, and it hasn't had too much more shot from it before I owned it.

I am selling just the rifle for $1200 (includes Leupold 2-pc base and 1" rings).
Buyer will have the option to buy the harris bipod shown, and a Leupold Vari-X III scope in 4-14X with adjustable objective.

I'm not looking for trades at this point- but a 1.5"/50 yard guaranteed Les Baer 1911 would be tempting, as would an H&K P9S Target in .45acp (or 9mm).




06-10-2007, 11:41 PM

Make an offer- I'll ask $1799 OBO including the scope (Leupy VX-III AO 4-14X) and Harris bipod.


06-11-2007, 3:06 AM
PS- I would also consider partial trades for an EOTech 552 or 553 in new or near new condition.



06-13-2007, 3:28 PM
Dave's a great guy..deal with confidence