View Full Version : 1000 yard meet at Pendleton August 5, 2012

07-31-2012, 8:25 AM
3 x 1000 yard shoot at pendleton sunday august 5

There will be a 1000 yard match at Pendleton Sunday sponsored and hosted by the Santa Margarita gun club. No need to shoot at metal targets...shoot at the best range in SoCal, get your score, and enjoy a day among your fellow accuracy aficionados.

The target is pulled after each and every shot, marked with a scoring disc, and scored.

There is unlimited sighters the first 30 minute leg, its a 3 leg x 20 shot for record match. Very rarely do most shooters get to zero in at 1000 yards and plug away for 60 shots...

Avoid the crowds at the local range and come out and shoot with some of the best rifleman in the west! This is a great chance to learn the art of long range from some of the best in the sport.

There will be space guns, modified AR's, F class rifles, etc.

Email me with questions and I hope to see you there fellow calgunners!

Please watch the following video if you plan on attending. Pit duty is required, and you have to be somewhat quick about it to help your squad members get off their shots in a timely manner.


Sign up here under pre-registration