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07-29-2012, 4:02 AM
Hi all,

Long time lurker and first time posting. Thinking of buying a M&P 15-22, but since I am in Cali like most of you. I've narrow down my selection to either base 10 round model (811062, replacing 811032 w/ flash hider) or the MOE version from Turner's (150877, I can NOT find this model number on S&W website!) The price difference is about $100. I am on a extremely tight budget. And this is where I need help....

What is the advantage of an MOE version? All I do is shooting at paper target mostly 50 yrd to 100 yrds. Is it worth the extra 100 bucks (that I need to go through all gaps in my sofa, selling all my soda cans, and maybe sell some blood..J/K) Thanks!:)

P.S. anyone can tell me if that 150877 model number IS a model number issued by S&W?

Newbie in Cali

07-29-2012, 8:02 AM
there is no mechanical, tactical, or accuracy advantage between the base model and moe. they are the exact same gun, one is just wearing cool kid clothes.

you don't need a flash-hider or muzzle break on a .22lr. if you plan of doing a lot of night shooting, you might want a flash hider.

the mbus sights are nice if that's all you were planning on upgrading to.

the moe grip is cool i don't think its the adjustable one though.

magpul butt-stock is slightly more comfortable than a regular butt-stock. then again, it's just a .22lr.

all added features if you were to buy the plain version and get them afterwards, would come out to more than $100 in value.

and for the model number question, it's best if you call s&w. turners is a big enough company to have some 3rd party work done to some of their gun to make them a special buy. for a while before every gun shop was selling ar's again, turners was one of the only ones because they sent all of their lowers to a 3rd party to have a BB installed. the moe version could just be a turners special.

07-29-2012, 5:33 PM
One thing the MOE has is a single point attachment on the receiver. The standard model does not have one.

07-29-2012, 10:28 PM
Thanks for the valuable inputs...I got a chance to go to the Ontario gun show today and made my decision..
With what I am going to do with this rifle and my budget, I will go with the non-MOE variant. Hopefully I can put it in jail in a couple days. :D