View Full Version : Brand new Custom Tikka T3 for Trade

07-27-2012, 7:11 PM
Make: Tikka

Model: T3 9Tactical)

Caliber: .308

Location (city or county): San Francisco

Price: $2,500

Will ship (Y/N): Y

Other info: All custom furniture,Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm LR/T Scope included (negotiable), with rings.

This is a bolt action Tikka T3 which I have never fired. There are no ranges in my area that I can get to on a motorcycle. The rifle has been lovingly upgraded over the course of a year. Included: Sako Muzzle break, Custom Tikka Shooters thumb-hole Stock (6 months in making, shipping shortly), receiver inletting done to take standard AICS .308 5-10 Round magazines instead of polymer crap, includes x1 10 rd mag. In the box crystal clear illuminated Leupold mark 4 Tactical scope (MSRP $1200ish) Bi-pod, Upgraded bolt shroud. Estimated costs: $1600 base, $1500 scope, $700 custom upgrades, $200 muzzle break, etc.

Beautiful heavy free-floating barrel. This rifle is out of my league. I dont hunt and I have no place to hit a grand, which is what this rifle is designed to do.

Wanted: SIG716 Patrol FDE, AR10s of varying make and model, Bushmaster ACR, Magpul, Noveske, La Rue Main components greatly appreciated but open to other 5.56s and semi .308's / 7.62 rifle trades. I just fancy Sigs all around. Dazzle me. Images available upon request but new stock has not shipped yet. It will be darkish gray and generally badass.

This Gun is literally untouched. This is a great .308, considered fairly exotic for its class. Its a Howa, Sako, Tikka Collaboration so you can bet its built thoughtfully. Some peeks at similar rifles here:

http://www.tikkaperformance.com/Tikka%20T3%20Thumbhole%20Tactical%20Laminate%20Sto ck

The attached is a very similar build to my rifle except for inletting and barrel, etc.