View Full Version : Handgunlaw.us fail

07-27-2012, 3:06 PM

on page 8:

"OPEN Handgun Transport You can transport a handgun unloaded if it is on the passenger seat next to a driver in a car, clearly visible, is 'open transport'. While legal, open transport is uncommon. Because this is uncommon, when transporting openly any interaction with law enforcement personnel could be uncomfortable."

Ok this completely contradicts everything I've every read and been told. I am almost certain this is completely wrong and the site is ether out dated or misinformed. If I'm wrong please fill me in.

07-27-2012, 3:07 PM
Nope, it is accurate but not recommended.

07-27-2012, 3:11 PM
Nope, it is accurate but not recommended.

wow... I was under the impression that it had to be in a locked container no matter what.... The open carry ban had no effect on this??