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07-26-2012, 9:13 PM
so i call turners about a gun i want they say they don't have one but the distributor has a couple in stock. so i drive down to turners and talk to them and i tell them i want the gun and i will have to pay in full before they will ship it to the store no problem i go and pay in full. its now been a week and i happen to be working in the area of the store so i stop by to see if the gun has arrived.

I tell the guy at the counter i want to see if my gun has arrived he says ok and walk in the back and tells someone that i want to check on my gun after about 45 minutes of waiting one guy who was doing a dros finishes up and ask for my info so he can check on the gun. he goes in the back looking for it checks the computer then gets on the phone a few minutes later he comes out.

here is what makes me mad

He tells me the gun has not been shipped its still sitting at the distributer or warehouse (not sure where it actually is) he then tells me that the gun will not ship to the store till they purchase another 400.00 worth of product and its turners corporate policy not have things shipped till they spend 500.00 or more . What the hell i payed in full for my gun and you are going to hold it hostage till you buy 400.00 more in product. wish i would of been told this before i payed for my gun i would of just bought it online and shipped it. i could understand if i was waiting for the manufacture to build more but this gun is just sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting to be shipped . so i am at the mercy of turners and their wont ship unless they spend a certain amount who knows when they are going to ship my gun. so im now a week into my waiting for the gun then i gotta wait 10 days for the dros i may not get my gun for weeks its just going to sit there.

and they wont order the gun without money upfront but once they got your money they get to decide when you get your gun

they did offer to refund my money but im already a week into this and who knows how long till the money would be back into my account so i could go and buy my gun somewhere else. wont be in time for my shooting trip i was going on.

im usually willing to let things slide a bit but this is just making me mad my gun is just sitting in a warehouse. i feel that they think of me as less important of a customer because my gun purchase was not a high enough amount to bother shipping my gun. if it would of been a 500.00 purchase my gun would of been shipped.

i don't know if i will ever buy from them again or recommend my friends to them anymore

i just had to vent

07-26-2012, 11:34 PM
First off, what the heck kind of gun did you buy that was only $100?
Second, I don't think it can be Turners Corporate policy to state when a distributor will ship an item.

07-27-2012, 6:12 AM
I think he means that turners won't place the order until there is at least 500 dollars worth of merchandise to be ordered from the manufacturer.

07-27-2012, 9:19 AM
Yeah, and he said they needed $400 more in merchandise. So that mean, if my math is correct, his order is only $100.00

07-27-2012, 9:29 AM
its a savage markII 22lr and its not how much i spent on the gun its how much turners pays for the gun. so if turners only pays 100.00 for it then they need 400.00 more before they will order it or have it shipped atleast thats what i was told. i wont get it till they order more stuff and it was their policy (Turners) to wait till the 500.00 was met before they would have it shipped out.