View Full Version : Chinese M-14S for sale in California...not mine

06-05-2007, 8:06 AM
Edited to add: I'm told the rifle has been Sold Pending Funds

*I've removed the link since the seller appears to have deleted it from Sturm. If a Mod could delete he ad or edit the title that would be great.*

Passing this along, saw it on Sturm, seller is in California (Landers, which is in San Bernadino County)...

$700 seems like a good price based on what I've seen over the last 6 months or so...

06-05-2007, 8:14 AM
thats a good deal for someone.

06-05-2007, 9:36 AM
The link's no good

06-05-2007, 9:47 AM
The link's no good

He probably deleted it since the rifle sold. I'll remove it from the post above.