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07-24-2012, 3:06 PM
I have a springfield XD 40 with all the gear for sale. It includes 6 13 round mags which will be disassembled into kits unless you can provide proof of law enforcement eligibility and 4 10 round mags which two are brand new and have never been used. The 6 13 round mags are black mec gar and are brand new and the 4 ten round mags are factory springfield mags. I am also including a blackhawk holster and a can full of 40 cal ammo , around 1000 rounds give or take a few, all included in this package. I am asking $700 for everything or trade for? No shotguns, 22 rifles, mosin nagants, or cheap firearms. I am interested in colt revolvers, 1911's, and M1A1 rifles as well. I will post pictures in a few. This gun has exactly 500 rounds down the pipe and is still new. I am the original owner and take very good care of my firearms. It will be cleaned and re oiled before the next owner gets it. It mainly sits beside my bed for home protection so its gets dusty and that is about it. I have my eye on something else but will sell it for the right price or trade for the right gun. If it doesn't sell no big deal it will go back beside my bed and I will keep it. This will be a limited time offer for this and then it will go back where I keep it. Thanks and if you have any questions feel free to ask. And please no offers of 500 or something ridiculous. I am well aware what these guns sell for with out the gear and with and what the mags cost and ammo as well. This is all new factory loaded ammo as well, no reloads and brass cased. If you add everything up it is over $1100. I am asking a fair price and feel if it does not sell I will just keep it. I am not hurting or in need just wanting to trade this off for something I want or sell it to buy what I want. Thanks:):cool2:


07-25-2012, 7:39 PM
I'll take it per pm