View Full Version : WC844\846 Group Buy in San Francisco Area

07-23-2012, 3:54 PM
HiTech Ammo has 8lb jugs pull downs of WC844 for $85 and WC846 for $94. If purchasing a case of 4-8lb jugs they pay hazmat fee of $27.50. I calculated 4-8lb of WC844 to be $93/8LBS including shipping and no hazmat fee. WC846 will obviously be a little higher. I am good for 2-8lb of WC844. I need 1-2 more people interested in 2 more 8lbs of WC844 or WC846 in the San Francisco or immediate area. I can deliver or you can come pick it up from me. If delivering, I will not cross any bridges or travel further south than Millbrae\Burlingame. Also, I would want 50% up front. I plan to order in a week or two unless I have firm commitments.

Please PM me if interested.

Great. Looks like we have enough for free hazmat.

Update as of 7/25/12 2:05pm
Me - 2 - 8lb WC844 CONFIRMED
baffomet - 1 8lb WC846 + (> 10k primers?) 50% PAYMENT RECEIVED AND CONFIRMED

Order submitted to HiTech

07-24-2012, 7:19 AM
I order from Hi-Tech. I get 4 jugs of 846 to the house for $400 all up. I do remember when it was $60 a jug. Wideners also has this powder for about the same price, but they want a 6 jug minimum.

Cowboy T
07-24-2012, 8:13 AM
That's a pretty good deal on powder. For those who need powder for anything ranging from .223 Rem to 7.62x54R, I'd recommend going for it. I believe that WC844 is like H335, and WC846 is like BL-C(2).

07-24-2012, 8:54 AM
I'm down for one 8lb jug of wc844