View Full Version : have ccw for home state & will be riding motorcycle alone on back roads of norcal

07-23-2012, 4:11 AM
i know i 'can't' carry in cali, legally. what's my next best option to keep myself protected? i'm thinking it wouldn't be illegal to have pistol stowed away in saddle bag but w/in reach IF for some reason i actually 'need' it. i have 2 10 round mags just for visits to cali. :D

some of these areas don't even have cell phone reception. my concern is i might end up on the wrong road & meet up w/wrong person/s & w/just a knife could become another statistic.

is it acceptable to be w/in reach (in saddle bag that's behind me) & loaded, but not 'on me'?

if not, what is acceptable w/in california law?

while being alone for parts of this 800 mile one way trip, i don't think i would feel safe w/out having access to a pistol or something more than a blade. i'm choosing the most entertaining route & only downside is possible contact in the middle of no where w/out reception or proper weapon for self defense

any advice would be greatly appreciated

07-23-2012, 5:12 AM
In locked container, load the mag and dont insert mag into gun. I do not know if a saddle bag counts as a locked container, I dont have a bike.

The gun cannot be loaded, that means 'in a position to be fired'. That would mean in the chamber to me, but it doesnt. Dont worry, actually I take that back, you should always worry about having a gun California. Anyway, the gun and the mag can 'touch each other' you see some real douche bags telling you they cant.... Police included.

Go to the CHP website, they have some info on this in their FAQ. Print it out and carry it.

07-23-2012, 5:36 AM
If you have a lockable saddlebag as in with a key, you can have an an unloaded handgun with loaded mags in the saddlebag but not in the gun.

You can also have it in your tank bag if it is locked. Same set up as in the saddlebag.

07-23-2012, 8:45 AM
You can't carry it loaded. Unloaded, in a locked case (lockable saddlebag should be ok). Ammo can be with the gun, just not in it. You can have it loaded in your motel room or campsite.

If you're not a dick or look like a gangbanger you shouldn't have any problems.

07-25-2012, 9:58 PM
right on!!! that's kind of what i had planned. i know it might not be a life saver, but more like a life preserver....
as fate would have it; bike sold for better money up here & am now driving down w/my wife in the safety of a volvo wagon ; ) it was odd, the more i tried to get ready to leave the more difficult things became. but best thing is selling bike so i didn't 'need' to deliver to o.p. in pacific grove.
i do what you guys suggest w/station wagon using container inside another container & weapon w/it's lock. high point locks remove very quickly w/a tool & use them of my ccw pistol when down south

appreciate the assistance