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07-22-2012, 9:33 PM
I'm at a new place in my "collecting" life. I had a list of guns I wanted to start with. I have now achieved that list, it is a small one, but I'm a very young adult and haven't really been at a place financially to get alot. Anyways I'm kinda unsure of what to get next.

What I'm looking for isn't suggestions necessarily, but more a commentary on if you guys reached a place where you weren't sure what would be next, and how you went ahead to decide what to get?

07-22-2012, 10:11 PM
I’ll give this is shot:

Im partial to OD Green pistols so after getting lucky and scoring several of items on my list I too shared your current position. I have started to branch out to increase my wheel gun collection, rifle collection, as well as my shotgun collection.

My best advice to you is to make a longer list (think collection over your whole lifetime) and when you see one of those items come up for sale or you’re proposed a deal you can’t pass up get it, cross it off the list and move on.

Many of the things on my list are not made anymore or are of the “rarer” variety so I give special consideration to something that is less available (or if I fear will become unavailable) over something that is still in current production.

What are you thinking of getting?

07-22-2012, 10:18 PM
Well, Im partial to older guns.

I have:

1942 M1 Garand
1955 S&W K-38
1952 Winchester model 200
1976 Ruger 10/22
1989 Beretta 85 (my young gun! haha)

I reload now, so I don't have to worry much about ammo price. Also I'm much more of a fan of rifles than pistols, although I can see myself adding a few more wheel guns, but my last purchase was my S&W so I want a rifle.

I'm thinking.... either a lever action most likely in 45-70, but may take another caliber for the right deal (357 or 45LC) or a bolt rifle probably in 30-06 just for die consolidation, or maybe in one of those random hunting calibers like 7mm, or 300 win mag. I don't hunt, but having a highly accurate bolt rifle would be fun. Haha as you can see I am all over the place. It is kind of exciting though, knowing I have the green light from the fiance'. Like being a kid in a toy store, just gazing at all the options.

07-22-2012, 10:21 PM
What have you collected so far? If the majority is hand guns try long guns. Have you built an AR yet?

Maybe distance shooting? Trap shooting, etc.

I am sorta in the same spot as you, I recently hit my limit of 1911's and think I found one that I will be happy with for a long time.

I sold 2 of my 3 CCW guns so finding the "perfect" combination for that purpose is next on my list followed by exploring revolvers.

07-23-2012, 4:19 PM
I've been at this gun collecting thing for more than a few decades.

First it was WWII weapons from the Allies. Then guns from the old west and then came the EBR phase.

A whole lot of guns were sold off and now I collect what is fun to shoot. I kept a Garand, a few Colt pistols, an AR and a herd of .22's.

Lately I've been having a lot of fun adding Colt ACP's to the herd.

Mr. Beretta
07-23-2012, 9:38 PM
Buy guns that aren't made anymore.

A perfect example are S&W pre lock revolvers. The model 15, I purchased in 1978 for $85 goes for $350 to $450 today.

And how about those Pythons?

Whatever vice you pick, enjoy it!

Good Luck!

07-23-2012, 10:41 PM
I make my choices based on the caliber I shoot the most. I tend to shoot .223/5.56 and 9mm the most :hide:

07-23-2012, 10:47 PM
Get yourself a good base:

1) Shotgun
2) Semi-auto sidearm
3) Revolver
4) Semi-auto rifle
5) Bolt rifle
6) Repeat replace upgrade as you learn what you like / don't like....

(In any order)

07-24-2012, 1:02 AM
I'm pretty much at the point myself where I own all but 3 of the guns I am interested in. It is likely that within a year I will own everything I care to own, until they invent some new kind of gun.

I'll shoot the heck out of all of them and try to wear them out :)

This just means more money for ammo since I don't need to get any more guns.

07-24-2012, 1:37 AM
A few years ago when I started collecting, cheap was what I wanted. JG had cz52's on sale, if you bought 3, they were 139 apiece, I bought 3. Then the Nagant pistol, 69 a piece, I got 2. CZ82 was more, 199, I got one. Then I had a chance at a colt combat commander for 500, I got it. Now that I am a little more patient, I save up and get what I want. By the way, my cz 52's are still with me and go to the range when I go, I love those guns.