View Full Version : Drove outta the country for the weekend

07-22-2012, 6:21 PM
As of the moment, just crossed the line back into this country. Cuurently in s lake tahoe. went on weeknd road trip with the wife n kid. We drove to the Free State, stayed overnite, went to scheels and cabelas. I pickd up some reloadn stuff, 500rds of hornady 224 fmj and 1k of sns casting .452 200gr lswc. Have any of you guys tried out these cast boolits before?And Man, Omg, the good toys on the racks. Omg omg omg omg omg........If the wife wasnt so much in a hurry, i would of brought my ar out there, bought some 556 tracers and let my baby roam free like how it was meant to be. Right now i'm staring at the sierra mtns thats standing between this country and the United States of America. Are any of you guys like me when i spent time in the Real USA, i dont want to return at all. Its like i'm leaving a family in the real USA. Man oh man. I'm only a few miles from the border to Our USA.

Curley Red
07-23-2012, 7:34 AM
If you feel the "real" America is that great, why not move. I can not understand if people hate California so much, why stay?

07-23-2012, 8:37 AM
People can always move get crappy jobs and live in a trailer. But hey they'll have guns with no bullet buttons

07-23-2012, 7:42 PM
If you feel the "real" America is that great, why not move. I can not understand if people hate California so much, why stay?

I'd move in a blink if it wasnt for my entire family(small family) that dont wanna move. They are the kind of people that wont move once settled in and their settled. The only way to get em to move that i could think of is by Force either this kommi govt or at gunpoint

07-23-2012, 7:49 PM
People can always move get crappy jobs and live in a trailer. But hey they'll have guns with no bullet buttons

I think you've missed the entire picture. I understand lots of people like it here becuz of the weather blah blah blah. For me i absolutely dont mind other types of weather besides hot warm sunny kommi. And jobs. Hows that going here? Cost of living? Homeless? Forclosures? Private small businesses? I dont think it used to be what it was 20yrs ago. The politicians and its sheeples have run the system to the ground. Most of em' come here becuz of the weather you know

07-23-2012, 9:19 PM
I get the same feeling as the OP. And, yes, I do plan to move - it's all about putting money in the bank to do it. The process can't happen soon enough for me.

07-24-2012, 8:35 PM
I love the diversity of people on this site. you have your common worker just getting by and buying gun stuff here and there, the young guys just getting started and then the super wealthy telling us how great it is here with their $5000 remington 700 and $3500 AR and les baer 1911 they just picked up because they saw it in a gun magazine and they had to have it. I am not jealous or anything, I just laugh at it. People who have money in this state and live in wealthy areas do not realize what it is like for people in this state who make less than $120,000 a year and don't drive a new mercedes or bmw every day but drive that 10 year old car that keeps them going back to that ****ty job that pays the bills. 25 years ago this was a decent state,now it is a dump. Over run with illegals, which the official language here is now spanish, not the countries native language ENGLISH. And taxed to death with governor moonbeam at the helm just makes things worse. Their are tons of us that want to leave, unfortunatly we have not raised the funds enough to leave or we have family that is stuck here that we dont want to leave behind. And for those of you that think this is such a great state, try going to another free state and see what living is all about. And you dont have to have a crappy job and live in a trailer as one closed minded person put it. Ignorance is bliss and I find it humorous that the whole country laughs at how screwed up california is while they have a balance budget and cleaner living with better education. Funny when facts are thrown in how fast commiefornia becomes a dumping ground for the unwanted and useless. Not to mention the businesses that have left in droves because of higher taxes in this state and the simple cost of goods because of it. Yeah I will be leaving as well, and laughing all the way in my trailer on the side of the road with my crappy job. Yeah, great way to be ignorant. You all enjoy this blessed liberal hell hole after I leave it.

07-24-2012, 9:31 PM
Well said ^^^^^^^.........Most calgnnrs here that are of the wealthier class does forget how bad it is for the lower-mid class guys which most are. When your bank account is big, you dont have zero worries about bills, food, housing, spending. When your just trying to get by and scrounging every buck to get gas for work- just to find out that kommi has just increased gas prices. Yeah, if i was of the guys that have large bank accts, i would be gone already(paid for the cost/homes of my family in a Free State).