View Full Version : We need more shooters.

07-22-2012, 4:22 PM
Fox news today reported that while in days past (Iím paraphrasing) every democrat politician that could fight their way to a microphone would be screaming for more gun control. They attributed the relative lack of such to the fact that in 1991 well over 70% of the people favored stricter gun control while today that number has fallen to 44%; itís a losing issue. I personally attribute the shift in great part to the number of people throughout the country who now have a LTC. Those people not only now have a personal stake in the debate, but they also better understand what a gun is and what it is not. What it can and cannot do. That it is a tool that does not take sides. And they also realize that if one wants to perpetrate mass violence and destruction, a gun is way, way down the list of means to do so.

I will not go into detail for obvious reasons, but in the Batman movie scenario, where I inclined, I could have boosted causalities into the hundreds with less effort and less chance of being apprehended, while never laying hands on a gun. I am sure there are hundreds of other Cal-Gunners who could do the same. Di-Fi should go to Aurora Co., go into the evidence locker and kiss that AR-15; we should thank our lucky stars that it was the vehicle that caught the fancy of this twisted nut cake. It could have been so much worse!

So, get others involved in shooting, weather for recreation or SD. Bring them along and watch as they realize what guns are all about. Help them understand that guns donít just deal out violence (violence is sometimes needed to counter violence) but by their design they limit collateral damage.