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07-21-2012, 8:42 PM
Im looking for two quality o/u shotguns one in 20 Ga and one in 12 ga. My 12 yr old son has shown intrest in some pheasant hunting. Any suggestions on what make and model I should look at? Thanks!

07-21-2012, 8:51 PM
Read this post as it applies to shotguns for hunting also.


Used quality shotguns are economic.

John Browning
07-21-2012, 9:08 PM
I own or have owned these O/U shotguns:

Beretta 686 (2k plus)
Valmet 412 (1,200 plus)
Citori GTS (1800 plus)
B. Rizzini S782 SMEL (I'm just bragging here, this one is like 12,000 plus :))
SKB 505 NRA ($1000)

I still have the Rizzini (which I do not shoot) and the SKB. The SKB has been the best of the bunch, and can be found used for maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of the other ones I've owned.

07-21-2012, 9:23 PM
Beretta makes some fine hunting shotguns.

You can find the 686 series in a sporting configuration for about $ 1300 or so used. I'm guessing $ 2000 or so new. Very high quality guns.

I will say for a gun I'm going to walk with, I want it to be light and the Beretta guns are that.

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Gringo Bandito
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07-21-2012, 9:47 PM
Ok maybe I was way over my own head with the o/u idea, maybe I should be lookinf at pumps instead.......:(

Gringo Bandito
07-21-2012, 10:01 PM
Or you could check out a gun show or two for older ou guns like I did. Bought a Berretta bl3 for about 650. A great no frills gun that still does what it was designed to do. It is about 40 years old at this point and is one of my favorite guns.

John Browning
07-21-2012, 10:13 PM
There are used SKB shotguns out there for $500 that present a great value.

I grew up shooting a Remington 1100 LT-20. Still have it, still love it, still shoots as good as guns costing 50 times as much.

07-21-2012, 11:43 PM
If you want new O/U that are of good quality and will hold up to a decent amount of shooting you should look at CZ or Baikal. The CZs are Turkish made and the examples I've handled were nice, had a decent fit and finish and locked up solid. I own a Baikal in 12 gauge; they are Russian made, very robust (to the point of being a bit on the heavy side) and shoot very well. You might also consider a Winchester gun if you can find one. CDNN was running them on special a few months back.

If you are looking for "name brand" guns, you'll need to prowl the consignment racks at your local gun stores and watch internet ads. You can find good examples at decent prices. Most any SKB (or Ithaca made by SKB) is well worth the price, they are excellent and durable guns that can very often be had used for a reasonable sum.

Be sure to try the guns you find on as much as possible and be sure they fit you and your shooting style at a basic level before you put your money on them. If you don't you'll wind up spending more money to make them fit.

John Browning
07-21-2012, 11:50 PM
Be sure to try the guns you find on as much as possible and be sure they fit you and your shooting style at a basic level before you put your money on them. If you don't you'll wind up spending more money to make them fit.

This is the best advice. I have had a Citori GTS (gave to my dad), a Beretta 686 Gold EX Trap (sold) and a Valmet 412ST (sold). They all did not fit me nearly as well as my SKB 505.

07-22-2012, 8:56 PM
You don't have to spend a ton to get a good quality O/U. I shot my Tri-Star hunter today, put 200 rounds through it and she shoots great. Granted, I also bought a Citori to replace the Tri Star today, but for an entry level gun, the Hunter has been great. The gun will not last more than 8-10k rounds, where as a Browning will last forever, but for your stated purpose, I think it would work great for you. You could get both the 12 and 20 for under $1000 OTD. If you decide to upgrade, like I did, having an extra $400 gun laying around is no big deal.

I looked at CZ before buying the Citori, and they're great guns. I'll probably pick up a 20ga CZ in the future, and their Readhead is damn nice. I think the Browning I bought is a better built gun, but not by much, I was willing to spend the extra coin because a Citori is what I've always lusted after.

A local shop has a Mossberg O/U in stock for $400, mite be another option worth looking into. It's a black synthetic stock, which I refuse to own, but it may be OK in your book.

Go Navy
07-23-2012, 4:28 PM
I agree with Rover.....take a look at the CZ lineup. I'm likely to buy one if I run across the right one in 20 gauge one of these days.

I have a Browning Silver Hunter in 20 gauge; it's a semi-auto with an excellent gas system. I'm extremely happy with it, but one will probably cost you a little north of $1,000. I haven't checked street prices lately.

07-23-2012, 6:59 PM
The Lanber OU shotguns from CDNN should be looked into. I've never owned one, but Gun Tests reviewed them highly, and the few I have shot seemed fine. They are very popular with the guys over at Shotgun World.

07-23-2012, 11:44 PM
I looked at a maverick o/u today and it wasnt too bad...but then I saw a weatherby pump 12Ga which felt very good and a Remington 870 20Ga (I will never buy another mossberg pump, the actions are just tooo sloppy for me) & I could get both for about 900 total,tax &dros included.so now I dont know what im looking for. Gun shopping is so hard,hahaha.

07-24-2012, 7:35 AM
A good quality o/u shotgun is a thing of beauty, and will be passed down for years to come.

A piece of crap now, isn't going to get better with age.

07-24-2012, 11:25 AM
X2 on Lanber.

07-24-2012, 11:30 AM
I think CDNN still has the Winchester 101 still for sale! That's a nice gun for the price!

07-24-2012, 4:23 PM
My 13 year grandson shoots both 12 and 20 GA. He likes his 20 GA Winchester 1300 Pump, the Citori 12 O/U and I have a old Savage O/U {20 GA} that my late father gave me and its as good as the others. For his 13th birthday, I bought him the CZ USA 20 GA Mallard O/U out of Buds in Kentucky....$480 delivered and $50 for the FFL transfer. His favorite is the Winchester and Grandpa doesn't mind...because I shoot his CZ when he shoots the others. He reloads both 12 and 20's and to save cost with shot out of sight, we use reclaimed shot, lowered the Red Dot down to 11.2 Grains, 7.8 oz Shot and Claybuster Wads for the Remington Gun Clubs {20GA} and we are hitting as good with the 20 as the Citori with that load. I'm not familiar with the other shotguns mentioned but your 12 year son with either the 12 or 20 will be good to go. We are at GrandpaofTyler@aol.com and will share the pictures of the CZ Mallard and the beautiful Turkish walnut is impressive....have a good day {what's left of it}...

Go Navy
07-24-2012, 5:22 PM
Here's a photo of my Browning Silver Hunter 20, in case anyone is wondering what they look like. I think it's good looking. I also like the semi-humpback on the receiver. These are gas operated but run clean.