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07-20-2012, 3:38 PM
California’s Gun Laws are Saving Lives... Seriously? The only lives that California's gun laws are saving is the criminals

07-20-2012, 3:40 PM
Ok ... are you going to expand on this with an article, or anything relevant?

07-20-2012, 3:45 PM
This might be relevant.........

E. Myth: The Brady registration law is dropping crime rates

* Fact: Anti-gun journal pronounces the failure of the Brady law. One of the nation’s leading anti-gun medical publications, the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that the Brady registration law has failed to reduce murder rates. In August 2000, JAMA reported that states implementing waiting periods and background checks did "not [experience] reductions in homicide rates or overall suicide rates."(72)

* Fact: Brady checks are not taking criminals off the streets. Not every person who is denied a firearm is truly a criminal, as many persons have been denied erroneously. But even assuming each denial was legitimate, the Brady law is still not taking criminals off the streets (and thus keeping them from getting firearms).

The Washington Times reported in 1999 that, "Although federal officials say about 400,000 persons have been prevented from buying guns by the instant check system, only one has been prosecuted by the Department of Justice in the last three years."(73)

* Fact: The Brady law has NOT stopped thugs like Benjamin Smith from going on killing sprees. In 1999, Benjamin Smith was rejected by a background check when he tried to buy a firearm from an Illinois gun dealer. But after this initial rejection, "he hit the streets and in just three days had two handguns" from an illegal source, reported the Associated Press. Three days after getting the guns, Smith went on a rampage that killed two people and wounded nine others.

* Fact: The Brady Law is not physically keeping criminals from getting firearms. The simple truth is that any person who’s denied a firearm can simply walk out the door and buy a gun down the street. Ohio's Attorney General, Betty Montgomery, testified to this very irony in the law in 1997:

"In 1996, 60,037 people went to licensed gun dealers to purchase handguns. Of that figure, 327—less than one half of one percent—were denied because of a disqualifying factor. . . . [W]hile we were able to keep 327 people from getting a handgun at point A—each of them was able to purchase a rifle or handgun the very same day at point B. To our knowledge, under the Brady Act, not a single one of the 327 people . . . have been prosecuted by the U.S. Justice Department."(74)

* Criminals bypass gun controls. A Justice Department survey of felons showed that 93% of handgun predators had obtained their most recent guns "off-the-record."(75) And press reports show that the few criminals who get their guns from retail outlets can easily get fake IDs or use surrogate buyers, known as "straw purchasers," to buy their guns.(76)

* Legal gun shows are not a problem. Some have demonized gun shows and claimed that these are the outlets where criminals supposedly get their weapons. But the Clinton Justice Department found that less than two percent of the people arrested for using firearms in homicide got their weapons from gun shows.(77)

* Fact: The Department of Justice has grossly overstated the number of people who were denied firearms. The Indianapolis Star and News reported in 1998 that the U.S. Department of Justice had overstated the number of people who were denied firearms in Indiana alone by more than 1,300%. Indiana was not an aberration, as the newspaper found that "paperwork errors and duplications inflated the [DOJ’s] numbers" in many states.(78)

F. General Accounting Office questions the Brady law’s supposed effectiveness

* The Brady Law has failed to result in the incarceration of dangerous criminals. After the first year and a half, there were only seven successful prosecutions for making false statements on Brady handgun purchase forms—and only three of them were actually incarcerated.(79) Because the situation hardly improved in subsequent years, one cannot argue that the law is working to keep violent criminals from getting handguns on the street.(80)

* The Brady Law has ERRONEOUSLY denied firearms to thousands of applicants. Over fifty percent of denials under the Brady Law are for administrative snafus, traffic violations, or reasons other than felony convictions.(81)

* Gun control advocates admit the Brady Law is not a panacea. According to a January, 1996 report by the General Accounting Office, "Proponents [of gun control] acknowledge that criminal records checks alone will not prevent felons from obtaining firearms."(82)

* Criminals can easily evade the background checks by using straw purchasers: "Opponents of gun control note that criminals can easily circumvent the law by purchasing handguns on the secondary market or by having friends or spouses without a criminal record make the purchases from dealers."(83)

07-20-2012, 3:47 PM
I am eagerly awaiting my cleverly crafted email from the Bradys blaming the NRA for today's shooting..... yes I am a Brady member

sun tzu

07-20-2012, 4:00 PM
Ask the Brady's if this guy got his guns in Mexico via fast and furious .
Please post the letter you get .

07-20-2012, 5:06 PM
Can't wait to hear the Brady's cry about an inanimate object being so evil... :rolleyes:

When a drunk driver kills someone, GM/Toyota/et al are not slapped with restrictions; when a doctor has a patient die, the scalpel maker or drug company is not legislated to death... It's the human element, not the inanimate object, that causes harm and has ill-intent, plain and simple- just not for the morons in the Brady bunch...

Helmut Shmacher Space Chimp
07-20-2012, 5:21 PM
Brady should try something else.. Like try and get jobs in this state.. help the homeless...Try and get laws dealing with the real cause on crime in this state.. but I guess that too hard for them...

07-20-2012, 5:36 PM
Ever try to contact the Brady campaign? Unless it's to donate or volunteer, don't hold your breath.

Helmut Shmacher Space Chimp
07-20-2012, 5:51 PM
Ever try to contact the Brady campaign? Unless it's to donate or volunteer, don't hold your breath.

No.. Because as stated...I don't talk with the mentally rigid..

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No.. Because as stated...I don't talk with the mentally vacant..

Fixed it for you.

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No.. Because as stated...I don't talk with the mentally rigid..

Fixed it for you.

Yeah, don't insult the mentally stupid like that LugerDevil. :chris::rolleyes::p