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LAK Supply
06-02-2007, 9:24 PM
I have a bunch of M14 stocks sitting around here that have armory repairs. They WILL fit your commercial M1A. Most of the repairs are small..... they would prevent the stocks from being refinished to perfect natural condition, but do not affect the fit or usability. They are perfect for a camo job or other projects where you don't want to butcher a $200 stock. I've sanded and camo'd a few of these and they turned out very nice. In fact, I'm keeping a few to do just that when I have some more time.

$14 - I have about 10 stripped stocks that I'm looking to get $14 apiece for. They do not include any metal parts.

$22 - I also have 10-15 metal parts kits that include the buttplate, screws, front ferrule, stock liner, both sling loops, and screws (complete metal kit). These kits are in good shape.... If you wanted them to be perfect a shot of DuraCoat or other suitable coating would do the trick.


$30 - I have a surplus M1 carbine stock that is in excellent condition. It was covered in cosmoline; I have chemically stripped it. This stock could be worked on a little bit and look like new. There are no cracks or dents in this thing, and it's a very heavy stock. It is not a rare stock with any special cartouche or anything, but it could be refinished and slapped on to make your gun look GOOD. SPF


$20 - This is another surplus M1 carbine stock.... It's in good condition with some dings and such. It could be sanded a bit and look very good, or camo'd and whatnot. Again, not a rare stock. SPF


I will ship any and all of these items for actual shipping cost, and I will take PayPal. Since these are my items and not the company's I do not have to charge any sales tax.

If you have any questions, want more pics of any certain item, etc. please email me at lance@laksupply.com

LAK Supply
06-15-2007, 6:38 PM
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LAK Supply
06-17-2007, 10:13 PM