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07-18-2012, 10:57 PM
I joined this site because I was on the search for a handgun (my first) and as I started researching all the Kalifornian gun laws I kept googling my way back to calguns. I then found the forum for private party sales and started watching for deals there as I'm on a budget. Well I ended up finding and buying a Taurus PT140 Mil Pro for a great price from a Calgunner that goes by Giantsfan. He was a great guy and a pleasure to do business with. I get to pick up my new toy tomorrow and can't wait! Just wanted to let you guys know that this is a great site and is my new go to resource for all things guns.


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welcome. hope that gun treats you better than my Taurus did...

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Welcome aboard.

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Welcome Justin. New to shooting? Hope you find the information you need here on CGN. Lot's to learn and remember....the damned laws.

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SoCal Bob
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Hi Justin, welcome to Calguns. My first post was an :Ivan: in the marketplace.

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welcome to Calguns!!!

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome to Calguns!

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Welcome to CalGuns, Justin.

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Thanks for all the welcomes! If everyone on here is as friendly as the member I dealt with, this must be a great place. I'm not new to shooting, I started hunting at 9, but took a long break and just recently got back into it as an activity to do with my kids and other family. Most of my experience had been with shotguns and .22 's, however I have shot a fair number of handguns. After some training and practice I will probably apply for a CCW (one of the only benefits to living in butte county). The countdown is on only about 4 more hours until I can pick up my gun, feel like christmas morning. I know the taurus semi autos have a bad reputation, but I did quite a bit of research and found that those that get a good one love them. I believe that this its a good one as the previous owner said it had no failures in the 200 rounds he shot. Also I loved the way it fit my hand and handled.

Hi Justin, welcome to Calguns. My first post was an :Ivan:in the marketplace.

Same for me but I sent a PM, so I bought a gun before I got first post.

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Welcome to Calguns! :)

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welcome to the forum.

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07-20-2012, 9:49 PM
Welcome Justin,
Whenever your ready for a long gun (the black rifle) or any other for that matter this is the place to find it, but it may take some time to search for. Good Luck!
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Welcome aboard

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Welcome aboard!

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welcome to calguns

FX-05 Xiuhcoatl
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welcome to calguns