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The Title of this post should say 1943, i am unsure how to edit it! :/

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Kollmorgen Bear Cub scopes were made from 1956-1959. They are very good quality.

Scopes marked Stith-Kollmorgen were made earlier, but not in WWII. Kollmorgen made submarine periscopes in WWII, and switched to riflescopes after the war simply to try and stay in business.

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Is it in good shooting condition?

07-18-2012, 5:21 PM
Still fires, I was zeroing the scope last week because I heard this scope was quite accurate

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How accurate is it? Is it c&r?

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Alright - hold on.

The US atomic program was authorized October 1941, and the attack on Pearl Harbor was just two months later. No meaningful atomic work happened in those two months. When the work did start it was theoretical physics and fissionable material separation/isolation, and it happened in university labs. It was carried out in the scientific community, not the military. No sort of nuclear testing in the US occurred until later in the war.

Theoretical physicists are not known for their combat arms skills like sniping.

The scope was made in the 1950's, not WWII.

Canada's long gun registration law was abolished in April this year. They do allow handguns.

I understand sentimental value, but the info you've given simply does not line up with history. You can probably even get the amount you're asking for an '03A3 sporterized after the war with a nice scope, which this appears to be.

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Even if it is not true it is at least a very cool story.

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I may be interested, just as a shooter... I have an 03 that has never been fired, so I can't shoot it, and it's worth too much money...

I'm guessing you still have it? I work at Camp Pendleton, so right near Oceanside.