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07-18-2012, 9:32 AM
WTS Gen 3 Glock 21 (.45ACP) - Orange County/Los Angeles Area - $800

- I have a 3rd Generation Glock 21, meaning it has a rail.
- This is the father of all glocks - These large frame .45 caliber Glocks are known for their dependability and durability, proven with their ability to run in muck, sand, and water.
- This particular Glock 21 has been meticulously cared for and has only seen 208 rounds of premium ammunition (HST, Gold Dot, and Ranger).

This setup is all you need as a home defense gun or a carry gun. Whether you're carrying concealed or carrying open in BLM, National Forests, or in Free America this pistol will give you the ability to defend yourself from any foe- no matter if that foe has two or four legs.

Included in this package is the following:

- 3x 10rd mags
- 4x 13rd mag rebuilds
- Blackhawk Serpa CQB Holster
- Front Line Fast Draw Leather 5 Way Holster (shoulder position, outer waistband, inner waistband, crossdraw, and small of the back position- this is an awesome holster)
- OD Green double mag pouch w/ Tek-Lok (quick removal from belt).
- OD Green single mag & Surefire E2D LED Defender pouch w/ Tek-Lok (quick removal from belt).

The pistol is in excellent condition inside and out. It has been well taken care of, and was cleaned within a few minutes of shooting on the two occasions I used it. All the accessories are top of the line and have been used lightly but are in new condition. The 5 way holster is a really great piece; having the ability to change between positions makes it one you can use any time. The mag pouch is also a really great piece. They are a hard polymer in Olive Drab which fit double stack 45 mags (one pouch fits 2 mags and the other fits one mag and one Surefire E2D LED Defender. The double mag pouch has a philips head screw in the center where you can adjust it to fit smaller mags, like double stack .40/9/.357Sig (though it's not as tight of a fit as the 45). The attachment point is called TekLok which is a quick use system that allows you to attach or remove the pouch without having to remove your belt.

This is a badass setup with over $300 in accessories. This is all you will ever need as a side arm/secondary.

I haven't snapped any photos yet, but will update the post with pics whenever I do. (tonight)

I am trying to make a little room in my safe so I am also offering the following:

- Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine with strong rifling, not counter-bored (bullet sits so high it almost tips over). It is drilled and tapped for the included rail. It has a turned bolt which runs very smoothly. Gun comes w/250 rds in a can - C&R Cash and Carry - $250
- Remington 870 Pistol Grip pump with ATI Top folder and spare shell holder (holds 5). The folder has a magnet attached so it rests against the shoulder thing that goes up (heat shield if that went over your head). Excellent condition with about 40 rounds fired. Also included is the original pistol grip w/ original box and papers- $500
- AR15 Complete Lower - Aero Precision Multi Caliber Lower - New - With LWRC buffer, VLTOR Stock black (or Magpul ACS in OD - or could negotiate a price for both) and Magpul MOE grip in black - $500

- I also have assorted items for the Ak47, Ak74, and AR15. They are below-

1. Shotgun Buttstock Shotshell Holder - 6 rounds 12 Gauge - $20
2. Bianchi IWB double stack .40 cal mag holster - new $45
3. Spec Ops M14/FAL/HK91/PTR91/CETME (most .308) mag holder ACU - new $35
4. Butler Creek Mini 14/30 Foldable Stock (only to be used in accordance to all applicable laws) - new $85
5. Remington 870 OEM Pistol Grip - new $25
6. Tac Star Side Saddle - 6 rounds NIB - $40
7. Bushmaster AR15 A2 Style Buttstock w/ spring and buffer - has compartment in stock - like new (handled but never fired) - $75
8. Y/M AR15 Pistol Buffer tube (paired with #13 AR Pistol BCG/bolt/pin and spring) - never used $200 SOLD
9. VLTOR Buttstock off an LWRC M6A3 - New - $115 SOLD
10. Bushmaster AR15 Foregrip/Foreward Handguard - New - $35
11. Y/M Charging Handle (racked but never used) - $25
12. Bushmaster 6.8 Flash Suppressor/ Compensator - like new - $45
13. **See 8 SOLD
14. Midwest Industries AK47/74 Railed Forward Handguard - new $115
15. Upper Gas Block off Arsenal SGL-21 - new $20 Withdrawn
16. Ultimak AK ACR2 Railed Handguard Compact Stamped Receiver (some finish wear - priced to sell) - $185
17. Ak47 Underfolder Conversion to run a Commercial sized AR15 buttstock - new $100
18. Ergo FAL Grip - $30 SOLD
19. Ergo Ak47 Grip - $30 SPF
20. Ak47 Standard Grip - $15

Also not in the pic I have a Y/M 4" railed handguard for an AR15 Pistol - new $75


07-18-2012, 10:21 AM
pm sent re: M44

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07-19-2012, 1:42 PM
I am open to trades. Here are some I am interested in:

-Ak47, Ak74, VEPR, PSL, Ak-105, or any ak variant
-Paratrooper SKS
-HK P30 (.40cal)
-Glock 23
-any mac variant in 9 or 45

Let me know what you have.

07-19-2012, 1:53 PM
M44 available or sold

07-19-2012, 2:18 PM
Still available sir. Included is about 250 rounds of surplus in a tin, and the scope rail.

07-19-2012, 4:00 PM
ill take it M44