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07-18-2012, 3:22 AM
Springfield Armory
XD 40 Service Model
Location (city or county):
Long Beach/Los Angeles
Will ship (Y/N):
Other info:
I have a XD40 (4 inch barrel) which is in great condition. I bought it new in Feb 2012 and have fired about 700 rounds through it at the indoor range, never had a single problem with it. It has been meticulously cleaned after each shooting session. I wanted to start upgrading it as a project gun but never got around to it.

I'm asking 400 for:
-the XD40, case, cable lock, unused cleaning brush, two 10 rd mags
-brand new grip decal set, unopened
-1 Factory 10 rd magazine & 1 factory 12 rd rebuild kit

There are a few extras I am including with this package for 600, if you want the rest of it, or any parts.

I'm asking 580 OBO for (I have also included the prices I paid for each item):
-the XD40, case, cable lock, unused cleaning brush, two 10 rd mags - $399 + tax
-brand new grip decal set, unopened - $10
-new Canyon Creek spring set, unopened - $20
-Canyon Creek Tungsten Guide rod - $85
-Wolffe 22 pound 1911 style recoil spring - $8
-1 Factory 10 rd magazine & 1 factory 12 rd rebuild kit - $50
-5 boxes of varied home defense rounds (Hornady home defense, Hornady zombie rounds, Federal Hydra-shock home defense, Remington Ultimate home defense, Remington Golden Sabre) - $25 a box at least
-3 snap caps - $15
-6 shotshell rounds - free from a friend!

The spring set can be used on any Springfield XD - not the XDm series. The tungsten rod was used for about 500 of the latest fired shots, so the factory guide rod is almost new. I have included pics with the tungsten rod so you guys can see how it looks.. I thought it was a great addition and really felt that it reduced the felt recoil significantly compared with the factory guide rod.

As I mentioned earlier, if you don't want all the bells and whistles, I am willing to separate this bundle and re-price accordingly. For example, I would be willing to sell the gun with the decals and extra mags for 400. Or if you just want the tungsten rod? $80 and I'll include the Wolffe spring.. Just want the ammo and snap caps? $100 seems fair.. send me a PM and we can work it out.

Not really interested in trading but I could be distracted, so let me know what you have! Thanks for reading my long post - trust me, it took longer for me to make it! We can do the transfer at any turner's in OC or long beach area, ammo bros, riflegear, fieldtime, wherever really..


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