View Full Version : Sabre Defence XR15 military 5.56mm NATO

06-01-2007, 1:09 PM
Stripped SABRE DEFENCE XR15 receivers on sale: $150 each! While supplies last and/or 7/7/07....
Sabre Defence XR15 M4 16" complete off list rifle for sale -out of stock!
These are military only rifles - rare in civillian hands!
Vanadium chrome moly - chrome lined barrel for longer life and durable under more heat.
Get yours and be unique!
MSRP $1895
Yours for $1595

06-08-2007, 5:13 AM
OK guys, the SABRE DEFENCE rifles are selling - people are finding out that these are THE MILITARY rifle to have = none in CA except for what we have.

So get yours at the Ventura Gun Show this weekend - Anacapa Building - west wall!

Sabre Defence stripped lowers & complete CA compliant AR rifles!
AK rifles w/ Hungarian parts kit - CA & US compliant
Robinson Armament XCR CA compliant
SIG 556 California compliant