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Hey all - Noob intro here. I'm a recently retired (July 2011) Navy Senior Chief (ASCS) who had never had any interest in a gun until February. While active I did my 9MM quals every 6 months so I could stand my Quarterdeck watches and I sometimes shot out in the dez when we camped with friends. Other than that, no interest.

In February I took my Boy Scout Troop (332 in Wildomar) to a Shootout Campout up by Ridgecrest. We were invited by another local troop so I don't have the details exactly, but I think OC sheriffs are involved in putting it on. It was pretty much a Disneyland of guns. Wait in line at one of 10 or more stations, tell the range master what you wanna shoot and they help you through five rounds. (except for the S&W .500 - you only get 2). Tons of .22s and shotguns and a high powered rifle station. The boys had a great time and so did I.

When I got home I decided to buy a gun or two to shoot when we make our trips out near Barstow. My other hobby is former military trucks so we take the M35A2 out there twice a year and meet up with a bunch of other trucks. Usually an insane amount of guns out there to. Lots of fun.

So I asked all my buddies about a shotgun and the only advice was to get a 12 gauge. So I researched and ended up with an 870 express.

During a trip back east to visit family I shot a few of my brother's guns. I really liked his hex Mosin and put about 400 rounds through it in two trips out to the range. I also shot his Colt AR15, but I liked the Mosin better. I called the gun shop that I bought the 870 from and they had a few Mosin's in stock. I went right from the airport to the Shootist and got the last two they had. Cleaned them up and bought a few crates of ammo. The stock cracked on one after two or three trips out to Bee Canyon so I put an ATI stock on it. Gave the other to my 15 year old.

Next up was a Ruger 10/22. Figured everyone should have one. Shooting with just one mag was a PITA so I got 9 more. I didn't know anything about ammo so I always bought the cheapest. The Ruger shoots whatever I put in it. Never a problem.

Once we got into May I thought I should get a handgun. I decided on what I wanted mainly by ammo prices. I wanted more than a .22, but I didn't want to spend a ton on ammo. (I am fully retired at 44 so I need to keep costs down). I checked out a bunch of 9MM semi autos at different shops and ended up back at the Shootist getting a S&W M&P 9MM. It just felt the best to me. Great gun, I've put over 2500 rounds through it.

Shooting the 9MM so much it started to drain my hobby money. I figured I better get something cheaper to feed. I went back to the Shootist and got the S&W M&P .22. I really, really like that gun. Now I can grab my two handguns, drive over to Iron Sights in Oceanside, shoot for 3-4 hours and spend less than 20 bucks (not including ammo).

During all this I found CALGUNs and really started my education. I applied for my C&R license because I really want a hex Mosin and the Mosin revolver. I thought about picking up the S&W M&P 15-22 but I found the CALGUNs marketplace first. Now I have a deal in place for a Mossenburg tactical .22 for Wednesday for a lot less money.

I also really want a M1 Garand since that was so much to shoot in February as well. And everyone tells me I "need" a 1911 in my safe so I'm looking at those too. And I suppose an AR of some sort would make a nice addition.

So that's my story. 4 1/2 months from no gun interest at all to six in the safe and at least one pending.

I look forward to contributing in some way to this site since I have already benefited so much from it.


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Welcome to Calguns! Nice read thanks for sharing!

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Welcome to CalGuns, Doug. Thank you for your service.:patriot:

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Hi Doug, welcome to Calguns and thank you for serving.

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Welcome to Calguns! :)

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Welcome aboard and nice intro!

.... (I am fully retired at 44 )...


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