View Full Version : Are my loads too weak? maybe too short

07-16-2012, 8:28 AM
I just fired up a new recipe. Got some 180 gr RNFP's in .40 (plated) and had a whole mess of issues yesterday. Well one issue really just a lot of it. Failure to feeds. It seemed the round would nose dive into magazine just before the feed ramp and freeze me up. It happened with all but my newest magazine.
I am loading:
40 S&W
180gr RNFP
6.5gr power pistol
CCI500 primer
OAL 1.125

I had no issues with my lead SWC's and plated HP's in varoius weights and charges. This is my first FP that I have run. These are being shot out of my glock 35 with KKM barrel using 15 round magazines with DP extensions (19 rounds total). I originally thought it was the mag spring or a hang up in the followers but every other load cycles fine. I am using a standard power recoil spring over a titanium rod. I am going to try some experiments to see if I can eliminate this issue but would like to hear some opinions also. All I can think of is too weak of a charge (although it is a higher charge than I have used on other bullets) and maybe a little more OAL (or less???)
I just cant see where the issue is. And since it is just this one load I have eliminated the gun and mag as factors (unless someone has a really good reason to convince me otherwise).

Dutch Henry
07-16-2012, 9:19 AM
Sometimes autos can be ammo sensitive. Flat points can hang up on a rough feed ramp. You may want to check yours for tool marks and if found and not deep, polish them out and try the ammo again. The COL of 1.125 is about right for that bullet, so I think you are ok there and the load appears to be in line with published data.

Just a thought: Check your mag springs and make sure they aren't in backwards; it happens! Good luck.

07-16-2012, 11:32 AM
The feed ramp is super polished (by a shop) but the rounds arent even getting that far. I dont think I flipped the spring...but Ill check that when I get home...stranger things have happened.

07-16-2012, 7:59 PM
I have loaded 155gr bullets as short as 1.110 with no feeding problems. Also 6.6 gr of Power Pistol @ 1.130 COL is my standard full power load approx 980fps