View Full Version : SOLD - Monolithic Upper

07-15-2012, 6:21 PM

I had kryloned it tan and have stripped almost all of it. Still have a little bit to go. I am asking $350 but if you wanna finish the stripping of the paint I'll do $325. SOLD

Here is a link to the kit


Includes the upper, 3 Picatinny rails, 3 plain rails, 2 center inserts, barrel nut and the wrench in the link below as well as the torx driver.


I do not have the 2 half rails. Interested let me know. Prefer paypal gift, paypal+fee or cash. I will pay shipping.

Selling cause I decided I want a longer rail so I for a vltor MUR-1A and a MI gen 2 SS 15" to replace it.