View Full Version : Mini-group buy: Classic AIM PU Snipers (real, not repro)

John Browning
07-15-2012, 4:10 PM
This ain't no group buy, it is a troop buy. I don't want this to be anything but smooth and easy, so the number is very limited.

I am considering placing an order for no more than FOUR additional 91/30 snipers that Classic Arms has for sale using my C&R 03 FFL if there are Calgunners who would want them after I pick my one out of the group. If you are interested in getting one but don't have a C&R, post here if you want one. I am happy to do this for good, reliable fellow gun collectors who might not have an 03. Here is a link to the rifles available:


Here are the conditions, which will hopefully help prevent this from turning into anything other than a smooth and easy deal for everyone. If you can't meet the conditions and I have a rifle for you, then the rifle goes to someone on the waitlist ASAP.

Obviously, you must be over 18, a California resident, and legally able to own a rifle.
You will pay my cost for the rifle, which is $620.
You must pay in cash in full when you pick it up
You must pay and pick it up at my house within 14 days from the date of delivery (Brentwood, CA 94513...note this is NORTHERN CALIFORNIA).
If you bought this from a shop, you're looking at an additiona $150 in fees. In return for fronting the money, saving you DROS fees, tax and a 10 day wait, I get to pick my rifle first.
First come, first choice on the rifles when they show. I'll PM you all at the same time, and whoever gets here first gets first choice.
If you have less than 100 posts or 10 positive feedbacks, I will gladly wait list you in case someone backs out.

So, if you want a rifle out of this bunch, PM me. I'll have a list below of who the three are that got there first, and then a waitlist after that.

Four spots:


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damnit i wish you lived in the other brentwood in L.A!