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Hey everyone I'm new and I'm wondering how shipping works. I have a Ruger 10/22 with a marauder G36 kit on it. If I put an add up and someone wants to buy it how does the shipping work if its out of state. I live in WA. Do I have to take it to a gun shop and have them ship it to the buyers gun shop? If someone could explain exactly how it works it would be much appreciated. Sorry guys I'm new to guns and I've never actually sold one.

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In terms of shipping a firearm, it is up to a FFL if they want to accept a firearm from a non-licensee. There is no law which prevents you from shipping it, just the policy of the FFL. Also, typically FFLs require a copy of the shipper's ID.

As the seller, you can set the terms for shipping. If the buyer's FFL requires that it comes from a FFL, then they should pay for all the shipping costs, including your FFL. Some buyers will play games and claim that you should pay the FFL costs on your side, but that is part of the shipping costs due to their FFL not being willing to accept a firearm from a non-licensee.

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