View Full Version : wts: Enfield P37 webbing

05-31-2007, 12:47 AM
random assembly found in Fullerton

I got an extra or two from my WW2 reenactment excusion; so for sale I have one Pattern '37 pistol belt w/ bayonet frog, the two .303 clip pouches(good for 4 clips), a cool .303 bandolier(should fit 10), and braces.

Belt and Bandolier are australian, the braces are canadian, and the frog and ammo pouches are british issue.

coloration is kinda green-khaki, I tried to keep to a scheme as well as I could, but they dont look any different when covered in mud. If you got an enfield, you totally need this kit to enhance you tea-time shooting experience. :D

asking $45

Pics on request, PM me for details