View Full Version : Need load data for 9mm

07-12-2012, 4:45 PM
Looking at my Lymans manual and it dosent list any load data for 9mm luger115 plated round nose, Specificly Xtream 115gr Plated round nose that im ready to start loading this weekend.

I will be useing Unique powder for this to start but i also have Bullseye and need data for it also for the future when i get more comfortable with the loader.

I plan on putting this thred in my subscriptions to keep for future referance, Thanks, Steve

07-12-2012, 4:49 PM
plated bullets can be loaded as if they were plain cast lead, as I found out in a few phone calls to Hodgdon.

Bill Steele
07-12-2012, 4:58 PM
My favorites in those powders for 115gr is 4.5gr Bullseye and 5.2grs of Unique both at 1.130" OAL