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Lucky Scott
07-11-2012, 8:31 PM
I have not yet gotten into reloading yet, I shoot a lot of russian surplus and its so cheap I never made the switch.
However, Now I would like some better quality ammo.
And a lot of ranges will not let you shoot the steel core ammo.
So........I am thinking about pulling the bullets on my russian ammo and installing good lead core bullets on the surplus stuff. I know I cant reload the russian cases with the russian primers, but it will get me into reloading, and let me shoot up the surplus.

What do I need to just do the bullet swap? Pull the bullet, resize, and install a new bullet.

Thanks for the help!

Cowboy T
07-11-2012, 8:50 PM
There are two approaches. The first involves a kinetic bullet puller (the hammer-looking thing), and the second involves a press-mounted, collet-based bullet puller.

If you use the collet-based puller, it's easier to use the same powder if you want. You can also dump the original powder if you wish and put in something else, e. g. BL-C(2) or Varget.

Also, you'll need a set of dies for 7.,62x54R, preferably the neck-sizer variety. You'll need to pull the decapping pin out of your die so you don't punch through the bottom of the case and strike the Berdan primer.

Then, once the case neck is properly sized, you'll want to charge your case and then seat your bullet. Optionally, you can slightly flare the case to make bullet seating a bit easier, especially with moly-coated or cast lead projectiles.

Basically, you'll need a standard reloading kit like what's in the stickies. Check 'em out. Single-stage sounds like it'll be best for both precision of loads and for learning how to reload.

DJ Skillz
07-11-2012, 8:52 PM
Single stage press, bullet puller & bullet seating die.

Couldn't give you much advice on the bullet puller, because I've yet to use one. I would probably avoid the kinetic type though.

07-12-2012, 12:49 PM
Cowboy T---Question: how do you "flare" a rifle case?
You will probably have a tuff time with the hammer style of bullet puller do to the fact that the bullet is sealed into the case. I have had trouble with mil ammo(especially 7.62X54R) and pulling bullets even with the collet press mounted type sometimes. The best way to collet pull is to force the bullet into the case before pulling out. This breaks the seal making pulling it out easier. Just push it in slightly and then pull it out. You will probably have to cinch down the collet quite tight to pull the bullet.

You DO NOT need to remove the decap pin frm dies. Just back it up until it no longer comes into contact with the bottom of the case. This leaves the resizing part in place to do what it needs to. If you remoce the pin on some dies you cannot tighten the resizer enough to keep it tight and it will fall of after awhile unless you put a broken pin into the collet on the decap stem before tightening the resizer.

Or you can do as I do and just pull the bullets and seat the bullet of your choice that is the SAME,or within a few grains, weight as the bullet you pulled. A lighter bullet is better than a heavier bullet as the new bullet. No real need to resize.

I sometimes pull the bullet and put the powder into another boxer primed brass case with the original bullet also just so I do not have to shoot corrosive ammo. This is usually when I know I will not have time to clean the rifle after shooting it.

Lucky Scott
07-12-2012, 4:56 PM
Great advice, just what I was looking for. Thanks for helping me out.