View Full Version : help catch some fish!

07-11-2012, 2:26 AM
Some friends and I have started to take up fishing. They have been doing it a bit longer than me, but I've gone with them three times, and I haven't caught anything. I've been borrowing gear, but have started to buy my own, but needed some help picking a good rod for a spinner reel, and some recommendations on random tackle. I picked up a Mitchell 300EX reel, and have 4 lb. mono test on one spool, and 20 lb. braided test on the other. We've been to Lake Del Valle, Quarry Lakes, and a spot in the bay just outside of Fremont (all in the bay area/norcal). This coming weekend, we are going out from Redwood City, and eventually out to the bay for sharks. I've been told the best type of rod to get would be between a 6'6-7'0 medium action fast rod. Any thoughts or recommendations for this? I also bought a bunch of lures, some rubber worms with weird hooks, and hooks for bait fishing. Sorry for the lack of technical terms, but I've only been doing this for a short period. Any other fishermen in the bay area with some pointers?