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This might have been asked already. I tried to search but nothing came up. So here it goes.

For proof of California residency an ID and a utility bill will work but do they have to have the same address?

I havent updated my id and want to buy a handgun.

Also will my credit score be part of the decision if I get approval from the DOJ? All I have on my record is a DUI.

I'm not too sure how strict things are now but if someone has some insight that would be great. Thank You !!:)

07-09-2012, 5:56 PM
All address have to match. Your DL/ID has to match your current address and your utility bill has to match that to.(pretty sure about that).
I doubt credit scores is a factor, as long as you can pay for it.

07-09-2012, 6:01 PM
If your address on your CDL/ID is not current, you will need some official document that shows your current address (I believe a utility bill or car registration will work).

My address on my CDL is not current (I moved recently) and I needed to show my voter registration card and my utility bill from PG&E and I was good to go.

Call your FFL to be sure.

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Welcome to CalGuns, Credit score does not factor. DOJ checks criminal background, so depending on the DUI level you might be denied.
I had a DUI that was reduced to Reckless driving and was able to buy a handgun, but that's because the criminal case was tossed, and I did not have enough money to take on the DMV.

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Welcome aboard. Call your local FFL to confirm, depending on what else you may use. I know a passport is also a possibility. I believe you can also go to DMV and get an identification card. I don't know if those ship out faster than a DL, doubt it though.

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Looks like your Qs been A'd. Just for future reference, most folks don't look into the "new here" areas for Qs to A. This topic has come up quite a bit in the general gun discussions area.

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