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:rolleyes:If my handguns were purchased in 1987 and 1994 with high capacity magazines are they grandfathered in prior to the 10 round magazine law in California.

I own Beretta 92--15 round Magazine purchased 1994 and a Beretta 92FS Compact 13 round Magazine purchased 1987, are these gradnfathered in prior to California limit of 10 Round Magazines.


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Any magazines you owned prior to Jan 1st 2000 are legal.

After Jan 1st 2000 it is only illegal to:

Manufacture, distribute(sell, give lend, etc.), or import any magazine over 10 rounds.

It is not and never has been illegal to possess a magazine capable of holding over 10 rounds.

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Welcome to Calguns. Here is a link to the Magazine thread: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=387409

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chase, how old are you? I ask because your original post does not mention possession, rather the nebulous idea of grandfathering.

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Did you own the firearms in 87 and 94?If someone else owned them prior to 2000 they are not grandfarthered to you.They can be broken down into mag rebuild kits to be used out of state only and not assembled in CA.

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chase, how old are you? I ask because your original post does not mention possession, rather the nebulous idea of grandfathering.

He's using the term correctly. It's like in zoning regulations... if your neighborhood suddenly was re-zoned to commercial instead of residential.. that doesn't mean you have to demo your house & build a strip mall. Your residential use is grandfathered in (or allowed to remain) until you try to make changes to that property (usually by adding on to your house). Then they make you jump through the hoops of complying to the new rules.

His "high-cap" mags are grandfathered in. They don't have to comply by making them 10rnd mags.

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One sticky bit nobody else mentioned. In addition to you having to have owned those magazines prior to Jan 1, 2000; technically they had to be owned inside CA before that date. And as Bob showed, there is a thread dedicated to standard capacity magazines.

For the future, you'd be better off reading/asking in one of the appropriate subforums since more folks here don't look into the "new here" area for Qs to A.

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