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07-08-2012, 12:07 AM
Live Fire Scenario Training - "Combat Handgun for Home Defense” is a range intensive course. It is a live fire scenario based training class. You will do initial train up and then engage in the live fire scenarios complete with a bedroom, hallway, living room, etc. The course is taught by a 19 year law enforcement veteran and Special Operations Division Firearms and Tactics Instructor.

Armitage Tactical Group stands by all of its courses. Therefore, ATG offers a money back guarantee to any new ATG student. If you do not take anything away from your first course with ATG, we will refund 100% of your training fee (excludes any range fees). Seating is limited.


*This course will train you in realistic home defense situations. Students will be subjected to situational stress inoculation.

See course flyer attached to this post (below)...

Go online for more information:

• $99.00 (plus $14 range fee)
• That is 20% off the regular price.

Duration of class:
• 3.0 hours

• Saturday February 15, 2014

Start Time:
• 7:00 am

End Time:
• 10:00 am

• Iron Sights Firing Range
618 Airport Rd, Oceanside, Ca 92054
(760) 721-4388

Course Tempo:
• Medium to High

• Basic Handgun Skills are recommended
• All law abiding citizen’s welcome

Live Fire Topics covered:
• Close Quarter Combat
• Hostage Rescue Shooting
• Live Fire Scenario Shooting
• Tactical Lighting Techniques

Lead Instructor Bio:
• Nineteen (19) year law enforcement veteran
• Special Operations Division Firearm and Tactics Instructor

Equipment Needed:
• Reliable handgun chambered in 9mm, .40 cal, 45 ACP
• Eye & Ear protection
• Belt Holster/3 Mags & Pouches
• 150 rounds handgun ammo
• *Guns/Gear can be rented from the range on training day. Contact us for more information.

07-14-2012, 1:19 AM
Attention Calgunners:

First, ATG is offering a $50 discount for this course if you are currently CCW permitted and have been a previous student of 5 Arrows Tactical. PM or E-mail us at info@armitagetactical.com for more information.

Second, ATG will be out of the office from 07/14/12 until 07/23/12. Therefore, we will respond to all PM's, emails, phone calls and class purchases after 07/23/12. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Thank you for your understanding.

Until the range, stay safe.

- ATG staff

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Bump for a great group of guys!

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Thanks D-Man!!!

09-20-2013, 11:29 PM
The course has been sold out! Thanks to all the shooters who signed up!

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Another class just added...