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My name is Bryan but i go by kickassnikov47 on a few other boards/ forums.

anyways it looks like i am soon too be relocating deep behind enemy lines (meaning i am having to move to california)

in 2 months or thereabouts i will be living in the Santa Rosa area, as my wife needs to be closer to the bay area to go too UCSF for her MS, and traveling all that way from the northern half of the state of jefferson (Oregon) has become to much for her condition.

i wish i could say i was happy too be moving to California, but i am not!
i own 15 firearms that i can not legaly posses in your state, but they are legal in 48 out of the other 49!?!?!?!?! (who'da thunk it)

i will not be getting rid of those firearms! and your state will not get their hands on them, as they will be residing at a location far beyond the DMZ lines in oregon, idaho, and my home state of nebraska!

that being said, i do have tons of knowledge on certain classes of firearms (in particular anything high capacity/with all those cosmetic features that would make fienstien, boxer, yee, schummercrap their selves), and their related accesories.

hopefully i can at the very least bring my SKS (minus all the fun goodies), my mossberg 500 tactical, and muzzle loaders with me!

i have a few handguns, but i dont know if i would have to register them in california? and if so, i will not bring them either!

i do hope my reloading equipment is legal???????

also is there any good places too go shooting in and around the Santa Rosa, area????

any advice would be good.

i am going to miss not having sales taxes, and being able to walk out the door same day with gun purchases!!!!!

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Welcome...... and my condolences..

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Welcome aboard!

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welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to Calguns.

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Welcome to Calguns!

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Welcome to Calguns! :)

What are the 15 guns you can't bring with you? I'm sure most of them can be brought with just a few minor and non-permanent modifications.

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Welcome aboard.

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QUOTE=.22guy;8892846]Welcome to Calguns! :)

What are the 15 guns you can't bring with you? I'm sure most of them can be brought with just a few minor and non-permanent modifications.[/QUOTE]

6 ak rifles, 2 in 762x39/2 in 5.45/1 in 5.56/1 in .308 (old mitchel arms m-77)
3 ar's, 1 20" a3 hbar by colt in 5.56/1 car-15hbar also by colt with the cool xm117 flash hider a2 sights/ and 1 ar-10 16" .308
1 M1A using an LRB reciever and the rest winchester parts (my baby)
2 FAL rifles, 1 isreali heavy barrel, and the other a genuine FN para
1 sks type D model with sidefolding old school butler creek sidefolder
1 sweedish Ljungman AG42b with a dozen converted mg-13 mags (sure i can bring it without the highcaps, but i dont want too!
and last but not least my 1919a6 that i have the changeover parts to shoot 30-06, .308, 7.62x54r, 8mm, and 7x57! (my second baby)

and i do not feel the need nor want to buy a bunch of crap to attatch to my firearms to make them some cali legal abomination! i would just as soon drive up too oregon, too go shooting! also tannerite is perfectly legal in oregon, so are actual machine guns, destructive devices, short barreled rifles, and shotguns, and silencers!!!!

i have a bunch of budies up in oregon with lots of tittle 3 weapons, and was on the edge of purchasing my first class 3, when all of a sudden i have to move to california!!!!! so now no isreali made UZI for me, until i can escape the commiefornian prison camp, and head back behind friendly lines!

hell i never wanted to move there to begin with, but medical issues for the wife, is forcing me to do it! speaking of....why the hell does california allways have to have the "best" medical facilities????? why cant there be places just as good in the rest of the country????

lets see big earth quakes, high unemployment, high crime, outrageious cost of living, taxes up higher than hell, EAQ checks for vehicles, dissaportionately large socialist/libberal/communist population, people that dont know how too drive (havent you folks heard of speed limits? no wonder you have more accidents), hippies (take a shower ya mangy hippy), and english is treated like a second language!!!!!!

and then i cant have my legal firearms there without altering them to suit some soccer moms, and turd packers agenda?????

its a wonder why i wouldnt want to live there!!!!! soon as i can im getting the hell out and back into a state that has sanity, and respect for the constitution!

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Welcome to CalGuns, Bryan.

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welcome to calguns