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Helmut Shmacher Space Chimp
07-06-2012, 6:09 PM
Hi there, How are you guys. I'm new to this forum.I have lived in Calif all my life. I'm not a native born Californian but to me this is home.When the rifle ban came down in 89 I moved out of the state to Az. Only to find that where i moved to there was no employment.After my moving back about a year later my life was pretty much down hill.around 95 iI made the choice not to run anymore but to stay and make a difference.when some people I know say i was stupid for moving back i say that I was wrong for not staying and making a difference. So here I am. And I have not looked back..I think the real issue is not so much the firearms themselves but the way the politicians alienate the average gun owner.They do not try to stop the root cause of the problems.Namely getting real jobs and trying to get the standard of living the way it should be...I live in LA county and I am not a great fan of the current head of the LACSD. Lee Baca. He has traded his soul for the politics of Hollywood and LA's gadfly culture.Only when we Californians can clean our house and get those who follow the mandate of their post that they have been elected too.then we can say that we can have truly fair firearms laws.Please forgive me if my typing is a little off

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I think everyone here will agree with you, but welcome!

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