View Full Version : Im an AK noob, someone school me real quick!

07-05-2012, 7:15 PM
So...Im buying an arsenal SGL-23 tmw so im doing what most of you do when buying a new "gat".. which is looking up sweet accessories, i got AR15s down pretty well and i know them in and out, they are easy because they are universal for the most part, now i see all these cool ak builds and i want to be part of this waste of money.

So if some one could tell me how the different stock options work? ive been on it for the last few days and its pretty confusing, what i want is this :
but i hear there is smiting needed to be done? and these adapters just dont bolt on? or is this one that will just bolt on? i want the ability to use any mil-spec AR stock with my AK, but from what i see there are so many different AK variants and your accessories have to match they type of ak you have, and idk i know some of you ppl are freaks about this stuff and im hoping to hear "Ya the arsenal AK's are the standard and most ak stuff will fit including that folding AR adapter!" ha but ya any input on the Arsenal SGl-23 or 21 and accessories would be verry appreciated, these forums have never done me wrong when i need to learn fast! thanks!

07-05-2012, 7:18 PM
Go with the 21 instead of the 23. The mag lock on the 23 is permanent so if you want to go featureless someday you can't with a 23.

07-05-2012, 7:20 PM
Cant fold an ak without extending a muzzle device. Just slapping that on a ak will make it a assault weapon.

07-05-2012, 7:22 PM
Other than that the arsenal ak will accept any other stamped ak aftermarket parts. Just make sure u match you threads and get soamped parts not milled.

07-05-2012, 7:35 PM
yaya i got the legal stuff down, and ya there are rivets in the 23 ive read that, i dont mind i can always get it removed if i rly wanted, im getting a pretty good deal in it so im deff gonna get it. so that pice WILL just bolt on? ive heard a ton of stuff abot having to cut the tang? and AK's need gunsmith work to accept folding stocks? idk i was hoping the arsenal will just accept a folding stock with no modification and no prob.

07-05-2012, 8:44 PM
The picture in your link sucks hard(couldn't find any others though:shrug:), but they make mention of the rear stock tang so I'm guessing it won't have to be removed. The reason gunsmithing is usually required to install a folding stock on an ak is that the typical ak folder uses a different rear trunnion than a standard fixed stock rifle. Since the adapter you're looking at is designed to work with the standard trunnion, this should be a fairly simple bolt on part.

With that said....Are you sure you fully understand the legal aspects of what you're asking about? You do understand that in order for the folding/telescoping stock to retain it's function you're going to have to run a 4-5 inch muzzle brake to make the 30"minimum OAL. It's not the worst setup ever, but the giant dildo hanging off the front is enough to turn many people away from a functional folder.

07-05-2012, 8:45 PM
Says collapses 1/4 inch from your tang. So im assuming no tang shaving afaik. The best ak to ar stock conversion is the vltor one. But it does not fold.

07-05-2012, 8:48 PM
Please dont dismiss the compliance tips as yaya i know it all. We are just making sure you understand whay needs to get done. We would hate to see you lose your rights or propertya over something so simple.

07-05-2012, 9:54 PM
believe it or not they do make block extensions for ak's to make the 30 inch minimum. at the moment i forget which online store has them. try carolinashootersupply or mississippiautoarms. you can then buy a folding stock. make sure you dont put any of that ar tactical crap on an ak that makes us ak enthusiasts cringe.