View Full Version : WTS-Australian L1a1 Kit

07-05-2012, 3:56 PM
Here we go,
This is a Nice Kit complete except for locking shoulder and front sight set screw.
AD64 marked lower with typical pitting under grip. Has not been cleaned of cosmoline.
New grip installed and original grip included with extra screws.
MA73 S marked stock with nice stenciled rack # on both sides.
SLAZ 63 handguards, they were painted black and have been stripped once, some paint spots still remain, crack in rear of one side needs repair also.. However, they are not beat up or chipped around the edges and match up nice.
Bolt Carrier looks to have been painted black and no serials? maybe NOS?
Bolt has crossed flags and is in sealed bag.
Many New parts from Ernst and Apex switched out..
New Carry handle, Gas Tube and rear Gas,New Handguard Ring.
New Buttplate installed with new screws and swivel.
The Barrel is a heartbreaker,
I looked long and hard for complete Aussie barrels, this one is in great shape. Best Bore condition I have ever seen on any Aussie Barrel.
Marked with crossed flags and W B.
Looks like it may be Chrome Chamber.
Stiil Full length but..
The downside it has a Ban Era fake hider (FSE or Gunplumber?)installed (soldered but threaded under still) I was gonna send this off to Adam 762.
I will also include a New Enfield 5 Slot (sold to me as Aussie)and Indexing ring. Maybe you can trade it for an Aussie or Canadian.
Perfect flats, I tried to get a pic of bore but my camera skills are lacking.

Asking $520. Shipped in Conus USPS Money Order or Gift Paypal.
1st posted "I'll take it" gets it.

I also have available a New Aussie lower from Adam762 reparked and with painted selector marks for an extra $115.00 to kit buyer only, as I was just about to get this built..