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07-03-2012, 9:54 AM
As some on the boards know, I am a lawyer in Long Beach. I am currently pursuing a fraudster to collect on a judgment against her (I do a lot of this kind of stuff). I am usually able to locate and trace these people, but she is good at this (she caught me following her today) and is pretty much off the grid (even here cell phone number comes back to an invalid name and address in my databases).

I am hoping that there is a PI on here that works in the LA area and can bring additional resources to bear and also conduct a surveillance. This is not any easy one. So, please only reply if you have a great deal of experience with these type of matters.

Thanks. PM is the best way to reach me.

The Banana
09-02-2012, 6:49 PM
Hi I am assuming you found someone. If not, I am not a PI but I am the COO of a firm in Irvine that ... well, we do a lot of things but we have a solid number of PI's on staff, all former LEO and we work closely with PD's and the courts in digital forensics, child abuse, domestic violence and some other areas.