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Shipping is not included in the prices. I accept paypal (plus fee, NO GIFT PAYMENTS ACCEPTED) or USPS money order. If paying by paypal payment must be received within one day of purchase, if paying by USPS MO payment must be received within five days of purchase. Thanks for looking and if you have any questions or would like to purchase items please send me a PM.

**Mags will be sold as rebuild kits.**

7. Push pin sets for clipping & pinning of HK lowers. Easily installs in plastic Hk lowers with epoxy to give the look of a pinned on full auto lower. Needs to be cut/ground to length before or after installation. The springs in the pins are soldered in there vs. glue so they will not fall out like the glued ones usually do. - $7 per set

8. HK rear sight mounting hardware. -
mounting screw - $.90 each
oval washer - $1.35
locking washer - $.90

11. German HK 4 position burst (0-1-burst- full auto)left side selector lever. - $69 SPF

13. Hammers for HK roller lock rifles. These came from Coharie packs, they are US made and can be used for 922r compliance. - $12 each

14. Complete G3/HK91 paddle magzine release assembly, German, brand new. Paddle, push button, pin, spring, contact piece, mag catch. - $39

15. German HK G3/53/33 recoil buffer, brand new. Comes withtwo small screws and locking washers and large rear screw and locking washer. - $10

16. German HK94/MP5/MP5k rear sights. Drums have dents in them but most liely with a little bit of work those can be smoothed out. All sights come with mounting hardware, one sight is missing a drum -
$19 each for sights with drums - SOLD
$10 for the sight with no drum

17. German HK G3/HK91 cocking handle, cocking handle support and spring. - $9

19. German spare parts for burst trigger groups. All parts are new. -
Burst hammer with shank. - $90
Compression rod & spring - $19 SOLD
Shifter rod - $45
Stop latch axle - $19

20. German alum. cocking tube end caps. - $4 each

22. German roller type trip levers. -
40/10mm roller type trip lever (also works for other calibers) - $19
standard roller type trip lever - $15

23. German roller sears and full auto elbow spring. -
roller sear for burst trigger packs - $20
roller sears for SEF & navy trigger packs - $15 each
full auto trigger pack elbow spring w/ roller - $9

24. Burst trigger pack counting wheels. -
three round burst wheel - $75
two round burst wheel - SOLD

25. German bolt head rollers. -
standard size - $3.75 per set
+4 size - $12 per set

26. German MP5 F roller retainer plates, brand new. FITS F STYLE BOLT HEADS ONLY - $16 each

27. German HK MP5 Action 3 roller retainer springs, brand new. FITS ACTION 3 BOLT HEADS ONLY. - $9 each


1. HK Pro shooter bag, no longer available from HK (this is the larger HK bag, not the small one). Comes with another smaller bag inside of it. - SOLD

2. HK hearing protection. - SOLD

4. HK 53/33 MKE 30rd polymer magazine. HK logo engraved. One ofe the connecting lugs was shaved off (see pic). Other than that it is in excellent condition. - SOLD

5. HK 53/33 40rd alloy magazines. Excellent condition. - SOLD

9. German HK MP5 recoil rod. Excellent condition. - SOLD

18. German ambi sling pin, small. No locking knob. - SOLD

21. German HK pushpins. Five large pins, seven small pins. - SOLD

10.German HK MP5 9mm hammer spring - SOLD

3. HK 53/33 MKE 30rd polymer magazines. I had a buddy with a laser engraving machine engrave the HK logo on these. Lightly used, excellent condition. - SOLD
12. Shank for hammer spring (G3, 33, 53, mp5, all roller lock rifles,). - SOLD

6. HK MP5 flash hiders, German. Good to very good condition. - SOLD

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How many USP 9mm mags do you have?

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