View Full Version : WTS: US Military M-16 racks and M-16 Hardigg cases

06-28-2012, 9:14 AM
M-16 racks:
Each rack holds 10 M-16 or M-4 rifles. The rack has two arms that secure the weapons in place and have the ability to lock the weapons into the rack. The parts of the rack that contact the weapon are coated in plastic to keep from scratching the weapons. $45 each



M-16 Cases:
These cases are made by Hardigg. They hold a total of twelve rifles and separate into two racks that hold six rifles each. Each half has a cross bar that can be locked to hold the weapons in place. $100 each.




Surplus Cot:
These are Korea and Vietnam era cots. They hold one tired shooter after a day of plinking or they make for a very portable table to lay your weapons on if shooting in a remote area. $20


These items are available for pick up only. I will not ship. I'm in the San Bernardino area. I have multiples of each item. They are all made in America and have been used. Inspection prior to purchase is expected. Please PM me if you have any questions.