View Full Version : Need price, layaway, coupon question

06-28-2012, 12:59 AM
If Turners is reading,

1) what is the price for either a Ruger Standard Synthetic 10/22 or a Marlin 795?
2) What are the layaway terms if i prepay the whole thing now and pick it up and DROS later?
3) Can i use the current coupon whcih expires June 28 if i cannot come into a store now?

Im out of the country until September and want to buy one of the guns now and you hold it pending the DROS later. So i cant come in but can call and pay now.

One reason for this advance work is that both guns might not be available for a while so what im doing is paying a pre-order instead of being told in September there is no stock and i have to wait a long time. This way, maybe by September you have the gun if i pay now.

06-28-2012, 7:02 AM
Weekly ad has the Ruger 10/22 wood or synthetic for $199 through today.

06-28-2012, 12:20 PM
Turner's doesn't take payment over the phone. You maybe able to call your favorite Turner's rep. to hold the rifles for you.

Payment does not have to be made by you, only the DROS whenever you're ready.

06-29-2012, 12:54 AM
But a gun held but unpaid for is subject to price changes. If i were a shop i wouldnt hold a gun without payment, anything can happen, thats why im willing to pay the whole amount in advance.

If Turners cant take payment by email or phone, can i have someone pay it but its held in my name?

I wish Turners read these threads.